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Black Shark MagCooler 3 Pro Cooling Fan for Phone and Tablet

Black Shark MagCooler 3 Pro Cooling Fan for Phone and Tablet

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Black Shark Magnetic Cell Phone Cooler, RGB Phone Cooling Fan Portable Lightweight Mobile Phone Cooling Fan, Phone Radiator with Larger Cooling Area for Phone/Tablet/Ipad

  • 【20W Power Instant Cooling】The cell phone cooler adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology, made of 7 high-speed fans, 17pcs heat sink, and a larger size TEC. The compact structure improves the heat dissipation rate, and the cooling area is increased by 107%, which makes the phone temperature drop by up to 35℃.
  • 【Magnetic Phone Cooler】The cell phone cooling fan is upgraded with a magnetic iron ring composed of 18 NdFeB for a better fit on the phone. Gently attached to the phone when using, neither falls off, nor damages the phone, and does not leave scratches.
  • 【Super Quiet Phone Radiator】Phone cooler has 11 different lighting effects and offers a variety of colors to choose from. You can freely match various styles and create a gaming atmosphere for different occasions. Its low-noise design ensures a more comfortable gaming and video-watching experience. The cooling fan operates quietly, making it a great choice even during calls or live broadcasts.
  • 【Smart Control】The magnetic phone cooler is with NTC-Dual protection mechanism, it will monitor the inner temperature and auto shut down when the temperature is>65℃ or <-10℃. Effectively protects the phone's performance. Shark Arsenal app to manage fan speeds, customize lighting, and more. Download the app on iOS or Android. (Please refer to the instructions for details.)
  • 【Universal Compatibility】The radiator noise-reduction design, and hardly any noise during use. Compatible with Android smartphones/iPhone / switches/ iPads / laptop Etc. Except for iPhone 12~15 series with MagSafe, other devices require a magnetic sticker to use this cooler.
  • 【Note】Magnetic sticker attached to the cell phone will cause your wireless charging function and NFC to not work. Remove the phone case for best results.
  • 100% original & genuine from Black Shark
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Black Shark MagCooler 3 Pro Cooling Fan for Phone and Tablet
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