VIP Code to Apply for Membership Instant Discount

Every purchased count. We building up membership program better for everyone. Due to recent system upgrade, our VIP membership are ONLY access-able using code to checkout.

Example of Checkout Page with VIP discount applied.
  • VIP for RM10,000 entire life spending carry 20% OFF use code FXVIP10
  • VIP for RM6,000 entire life spending carry 16% OFF use code FXVIP06
  • VIP for RM3,000 entire life spending carry 13% OFFF use code FXVIP3
  • VIP for RM1,500 entire life spending carry 12% OFFF use code FXBNM
  • VIP for RM700 entire life spending carry 10% OFF use code FXVIP700
  • VIP for RM179 entire life spending carry 7% OFF use code FXKLMH
  • Discount for new customer or spending less than RM178.99 lifetime RM10 OFF with code FX2023NEW

This automatic discount will covers:
  • For Online Store and Walk-in (verification process apply)
  • No minimum purchase requirement
  • No usage limits
  • Can’t combine with other Product discounts, Order discounts, or Shipping discounts.
  • Use code according your VIP ranking (you may try any code above).

Once you applied the right code, the page will give the said discount accordingly. You may try all codes if you not sure on how much your spending already.

Starting May 2024 all VIP(s) are require to subscribe to newsletter to be eligible. If do unsubscribe by mistake, you may resubscribe the newsletter on home page for FREE.

To fix your subscription:
Go > > footer of the page > and key-in your email address that you used to login into the website.

You may check the subscription form here (if no work check above method):

No action needed if otherwise.

Attention VIP upgrade
Already have profile created at forexengineer but the purchases made before not in history list? Contact us HERE