Warranty Guidelines

Warranty Guidelines for Products (1 Year Warranty or More):


  • Warranty covers manufacturing defects but does not cover cosmetic issues.

Non-Cosmetic Issues:

  • Functional issues are covered, such as:

    • Case no longer fits properly, stretched over time.

    • Zip cannot close (for bags).

    • Buckle crack and damage (for bags).

    • Functional parts like buttons and clips are no longer operational.

    • Waterproof element no longer functions.

Cosmetic Issues:

  • May include blemishes due to wear and tear, scratches, and noticeable damage due to handling.

  • Issues unrelated to the item's function are not covered.

Claims Process:

  • If a situation is unclear, we typically refer the matter to the principal of the brand for a decision on whether to honor or reject the claim.

  • For electrical items, if there is evidence of physical abuse or damage to the external body, the warranty request may be rejected.

Replacement for Discontinued Items:

  • For items no longer available in the Malaysian market, we offer gift card or replacement with a similar product from the same brand and cost range.

  • The final decision on the method of replacement lies with the Brand’s Principal or Forexengineer Management.

Products Without Warranty:

  • For products without warranty, we accept only DOA (Defect on Arrival) reports and manufacturing defect reports.

  • Reports must be made within 3 business days of receiving the product.

This policy is part of our main Terms and Conditions, which you can review here.