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Collection: How to redeem / use your reward points?

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We at Forexengineer Store (FE),  believe every people on this planet loves to grab the discounts / take back "rewards" what they have spent over the time. Yap! It's possible with FE, we are allign our mind same as you as customers :)

Here is short guideline on how to redeem the reward points back into discount for your purchase.

STEP(s) involved:




  • Go to any wish-list items you hunting about.
  • Click the button of "CLICK TO BUY" so this will redirect you from porduct page to Checkout Page.


  • Your checkout page will look like below, and you have to key in the reward amount you wish to claim not exceeding the amount you have. And finally click "Update" button. **Normally you dont have to click "update button" as it will be automatically update the final amount after the discount, but in case the script is bad (sometimes are) +_+ then you have to press! 




We will launch a new features where you can buy / grab Vouchers from popular hypermarket, petrol station and etc soon. Once it launch and can fully functional we will share the insight with you at our social channels and also insider newsletter :)


Happy shopping!




















































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