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Caudabe Mezzo for AirPods Pro 2 ( 2nd Gen )

Caudabe Mezzo for AirPods Pro 2 ( 2nd Gen )

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Inspired by our popular Sheath line of cases, Mezzo wraps your AirPods Pro in the same distinctive, minimalist aesthetic that’s become a hallmark of Caudabe design. Manufactured from ShockLite, our proprietary, shock-absorbing polymer, Mezzo protects your AirPods Pro from everyday drops and tumbles without adding significant bulk.

  • The surface treatment combines a beautiful mix of varying textures, punctuated by a sleek, high-gloss strip - a clear nod to the Sheath’s defining features.
  • And, a flat-bottom provides enables Mezzo to stand upright on its own while adding that extra bit of character to the exterior design.
  • Mezzo may be beautiful, but it’s also functionally the best AirPods Pro case money can buy.
  • A premium, micro-etched matte texture feels amazing in the hand while providing outstanding grip.
  • And, behind the subtle Caudabe branding on the back, we’ve engineered easy, one-touch access to your AirPods Pro setup button.
  • 100% original & genuine from Caudabe
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